Thursday, 21 April 2011

Recommendation service

Do I really want to write a SOAP service (SUSHI use SOAP but don't seem to have mature Java open-source client/servers available for hacking!)? How about a REST service? This could be a neat solution using something like Apache CXF.

Either of these would be great but as I only have a few simple data requests to execute, I've decided to go for a quick and easy solution - Apache XML-RPC deployed in a servlet.

Behind this I'm using a MySQL database with Apache DBCP handling connections and queries. I was going to use the lightweight mybatis data mapper framework (formerly known as iBatis) but again, as I'm only using a couple of queries it isn't really worth the overheads for the flexibility it provides.

The test set-up is working so now all I've got to do is tidy it up, deploy the server as a service and deploy clients within the six DSpace institutional repositories. How long have I got?



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